Cindy Chastain, Customer Service Representative


Cindy Chastain began working for the Bank of Cave City in 2003 as a proof operator. She also worked as a Customer Service Representative and was later promoted to Assistant Vice President/Financial Officer. This most recent promotion gives her the title of Vice President of Operations. During her time at the bank, she has earned AAP certification and received a bachelor’s degree in accounting. “We are proud to have Cindy step up to this position and we know she will be a great asset in Operations,” said Kim Nunnally, Executive VP of Operations. “The Bank of Cave City is a great place to work,” states Chastain. Cindy volunteers at the White River Medical Center Gift Shop. She has two children Mandy and Kent Tosh. Her favorite hobbies are reading and playing with her grandkids. Cindy attends Pilgrim’s Rest Baptist Church in Bethesda, and is their piano player.