Statement of Condition

The Bank of Cave City submitted the following information on the FFIEC’s Report of Condition on December 31, 2017.  The numbers indicate a strong and strengthening capital position consistent with the bank’s long history of providing customers both with a safe and secure place to deposit their money and with a ready and reliable source of loanable funds for growth and development.

  31 December 2017
Cash and Balances Due From Banks $7,823,000
Loans $69,331,000
Securities Investments $18,058,000
Fed Funds Sold $4,500,000
Property and Equipment $4,237,000
Goodwill 156,000
Other Assets $5,789,000
Total Assets $109,894,000
Deposits $90,996,000
FHLB Advances $7,034,000
Fed Funds Purchased $0
Other Liabilities $2,118,000
Total Liabilities $100,148,000
Common Stock $100,000
Capital Surplus $2,568,000
Retained Earnings $7,406,000
Unrealized Gain/Loss on AFS Securities -$327,000
Total Capital $9,747,000
Total Liabilities & Capital $109,895,000


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